In Gredos Government game reserve.


From September to June. The best hunting season is from November to may.


Ibex fur in summer is quite short and a dark grey colour. But in winter, the fur is long with black marks on its back. His body is strong and robust and both males and females have horns, but the female ones are smaller and the male horns are big, ringed and with a wrinkled surface. The horns rise vertically and lean out and back in a scimitar form with the tips inwards. The horns grow proportionately with age, one ring per year.


Central Spanish mountains (Sierra de Gredos). The hunting area is at least 2 hours from Madrid airport.


Rocky mountains between 1500-2500 m.

The Hunting Method is always by stalking.

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Rafael de los Reyes, is the owner and founder of the company

Has an experience of more than 25 years in the organization of Montería.
Starting at the age of 20, he knows all the secrets of the traditional method of Spanish hunting.

We look forward to receive and organize for you a hunt to your measure.

SBG PROFESSIONAL OUTFITTERS a team of professionals of passionate and experienced hunters.
We have a long career in the world of hunting by family tradition as later career mode.

We are able to  offer our customers the best areas of hunting in Spain in the different modalities, both on private farms and in the various game reserves of our country.

This way of hunting is the oldest and most traditional Spanish hunting. This driven hunt are mostly for red deer and wild boar, but sometimes also for the fallow deer or mouflon.